Welcome to Leonardo the Lion's Follow Me/Around the World with 80 Schools Project.

About this project

We are combining two collaboration based projects into one; "Follow Me" and "Around the World with 80 Schools." Both were designed to show students how they can work well and learn from others. They fit nicely together and my students are looking forward to building this project.

The students will be using a variety of tools and skills to complete this project.

How we started:

We used Google Docs to brainstorm ideas for a mascot and name. We had a discussion about mascots and came up with a lion since that is the symbol of our school district. The students then voted on a name for our mascot using pollauthority.com.

Enter the Lion's Den

The Follow Me Project Home Site.

Here is the main project's homepage where you can find more information about Follow Me and sign up for your own project.

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